Cookie Cutter

I decided to post many of the words that spilled effortlessly out of the presenters’ mouths. And I also added a few.

My list enjoyed a rousing response as many people added to it. A friend documented everything people added.

Then I edited. Here they are:

Ideate. (Please wash yourself afterwards.)

Brainstorm. (Never requested by good creative people. Ever.)

A creative. (In relation to a person. Dear God.)

Hands on deck.

Flesh out.



Maker culture.

Bases covered.


In our wheelhouse.

Big idea buckets.

On the table.

Skin in the game.

Sharing. (Meaning saying…something?)

Reaching out.

Move the needle.

Build an ecosystem. (Really? A fucking ecosystem?)

Appropriate and effective.

Your point is well-taken. (No, we don’t really give a shit.)

A hard stop. (I really have to leave, okay?)

It is what it is.

Work your magic. (So? Do it anyway!)

I don’t disagree.

The ship has sailed

Thanks for all you do.

Next steps.

Gang bang. (Seriously? I mean, seriously?)

Out of Pocket.

(Anything) on point.

I’m running between meetings.

Let’s take it off line.

That’s the ask.

Dial up the …. (Do more of something, fools).

Thought leader. (Ghost written.)

on steroids. (This is still used?)

Pencil in.

We need a viral idea.

Pivot. (Meaning avoid.)

Circle back. (Meaning “regroup”. Jesus.)

Loop the team in. (Meaning tell everyone. )

Bang for the buck.

It needs massaging. (Ok, lots more work, please. Now. A lot, okay?)

Give it a think.

Elephant in the room.

Living in a vacuum.


Open and transparent. (Uh, bullshit…)

Need feedback. (Any damn thoughts?)

Make it pop.

Jumped the shark.

Paradigm shift.

Right soldiers for the right war.

Stack hands.

Do you mind if I ask a question? (Uh, that is a question.)

Best of breed.

My bad. (My fault. Heh-heh…)

Let’s chew on it.

Literally. (Generally used incorrectly.)

Look under the hood.

Human. (Please stop using this word as a damn “brand value.” God help me.)

Eating your own dog food.

Drinking the Kool Aid.

Digital…anything. (Because it must be April, 2003 in your brain.)


The tail is wagging the dog. ( That’s a very stupd dog you must have.)

In lock-step.

Make it epic. (A shitty ad agency CD we had to endure used this all the time. That and make it “awesome.” And he would then vanish into a haze of blow.)

Shitshow. ( I confess to using this. I still love it.)

And to wrap it all up… LOL