How to get shit done

1. Define a big, inspiring shared goal

2. Attract, train and retain a diverse team of gifted people

3. Build an open culture for imagination and collaboration that brings out the best in everyone

4. Deliver

In January, a leaked draft of a pernicious executive order from the Trump Administration indicated that it was considering allowing federal contractors to fire and refuse to hire lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people on the basis of a religious belief.

Look, it’s been beyond clear that President Trump and his allies are eager to hack away at many Americans’ (currently protected) civil rights.

But if the government does back away from protecting gay people, will American companies step up and do so instead?

As my partners and I now lead a growing company in two American cities, I can state that at COLLINS we will remain ruthless in embracing diversity and defending each and every one of the men and women in our company from any kind of ignorant discrimination.

We don’t respect diversity, here.

We take an insane delight in it. And we will fight for it. ###

Besides - it’s how we get shit done.