Very Anything


For a very long time, it took a very long time for anything to change. If you found an answer that worked, you could count on it being the answer for years. In advertising agencies, for decades. But those days are over. Being the answer is not the answer. Or even an option.

Not when entire industries can be disrupted by a 14-year-old girl who learned how to deploy an app. Yesterday.

That’s not change. That’s chaos.

Unless, of course, you’re very curious. Or very focused. Very caring. Very prickly. Very visual. Very verbal. Very brash. Very gay. Very funny. Very heady. Very smart. Very intense. Very…anything. In which case, this is all very fun.

Because it’s only the people who are very who see change for what it is—very liberating—and what it isn’t—very scary. They’re the ones who look at chaos and see new colors. New words. New codes. New tools. New prototypes. New businesses. New ideas. New worlds.

And, if you can find a group of people like this—who are very different from yourself and from each other—you might do some very great things together.

Which is why we’ll always make time for anyone who is…very. And we would love it very much if you come along with us to change the way the world sees change.Because, for the record, we’re looking for you.

Very eagerly.