Antonio Lopez

In 1979 I met and became friends with fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez and his colleague Juan Ramos. Antonio lived and worked in my building in Union Square - and he began inviting my 18 year-old Parsons School of Design student self into their remarkable world of Manhattan nightlife, art, music, design and, well, uh…lots of things.

Starting Thursday night, we might begin at Xenon then head off to Studio 54, The Ritz, The Mudd Club, Ice Palace, Paradise Garage and then finish off at The Empire Diner on early Sunday morning. Like 5:30 am as we had been up all night. Along the way our entourage might include Truman Capote, Jessica Lange, Grace Jones, or Jerry Hall. Mick Jagger showed up the evening I did not go out with them. I had homework. Like too many gifted men who lived in New York City then, AIDS took both Antonio and Juan in their prime.

My friend Laurie Rosenwald worked for Antonio in 1979. And we just both went to the opening of a show honoring him - a one night recreation of his breathtaking parties at the Leslie Lohman Prince Street Project Space. #Antonio

And it was all that.

We miss you, Antonio.

You were never replaced.